Shares trading means buying and selling company stocks. Shares represent a portion of the ownership of a public company and make up its market capitalization. Trading in shares is one of the most popular ways of investing.

With GlobalTrades-FX, you can trade in real stocks, listed on major exchanges globally. What’s more, you can trade in them, as well as all sorts of financial instruments from one single MT4 account. Trading in physical shares, preferred by classical investors, allows you not only to diversify your portfolio but gives an advantage of possessing a real tangible asset with intrinsic value.

GlobalTrades-FX offers favorable conditions for trading in shares of the largest and most profitable companies. You can earn on shares of giant corporations, like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, etc. The stock market is consistently growing over the decades. It is also extremely volatile; you can make a profit now and then on both rising and falling of the prices.

GlobalTrades-FX provides reliable trading software. MetaTrader 4 is a powerful trading platform and a perfect tool for earning a profit and analyzing the market. Our company also offers:

  • portfolio hedging;
  • transparent deals;
  • 24-hour technical support;
  • the assistance of professional analysts at all stages;
  • low spreads;
  • prompt order execution;
  • leverage of up to 1:100.

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