Stock indices give you a chance to trade in financial markets without buying individual stocks. Indices traders speculate on price movements in stock indices like the FTSE 100, the Dow Jones, and DAX.

These well-known indices are in fact baskets of individual shares which are often ranked by independent institutions like major banks or specialist companies, for instance, Standard & Poor’s and the FTSE Group. Some of the most actively traded indices include:

  • FTSE 100 – represents the UK hundred biggest companies;
  • Dow Jones – comprises 30 of the US biggest publicly owned companies;
  • DAX – is made up of 30 major German companies;
  • NASDAQ 100 – the index representing more than 100 tech companies in the US;
  • Nikkei 225 – Japan’s most significant market index, comprised of 225 of the country’s biggest enterprises.

Trading in global indices with GlobalTrades-FX allows you to go both long and short on price movements in major indices from all the world finances. You’ll also benefit from market movement across not just a single sector, but a wide variety of companies. With GlobalTrades-FX, you get the most favorable trading conditions:

  • access to the convenient MetaTrader 4 trading terminal;
  • leverage of up to 1:100;
  • the possibility of hedging positions;
  • support service 24/5;
  • the absence of added commissions.

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