Demo Account

If you are new to trading and would like to see what financial markets are, a free demo account from GlobalTrades-FX is all you need.

With a demo account, you can make deals in financial markets without risking your money. A training account is quite similar to a real one, but trade operations are conducted with virtual money only. A demo account allows practicing trading skills and learning the basics of financial markets. It protects a trader from real losses. Trading on a demo account is getting widespread, and it worth noting that many famous trading gurus began their careers by making deals on demo accounts.

The advantages of a demo account from GlobalTrades-FX include:

  • making deals and developing risk management skills without losing real assets;
  • testing different strategies in a real-time trading environment;
  • learning to trade in various assets;
  • adopting skills for analyzing financial markets.

It is easy to open a demo account with GlobalTrades-FX. You can register a training account by clicking on the button below and start your way to financial success! Note that you can open several training accounts to try various trading strategies.

Open a demo account