About Us

Earning in financial markets is getting more and more attractive nowadays. It is the primary source of income for many traders and an additional one for yet a higher number of people. But such an activity requires experience, confidence, and self-control. Besides, the constant following of the market trends is extremely time-consuming. To solve all these problems, you can hire a broker who will assist you in trading, consult you, and be of great value as your bridge to the market.

GlobalTrades-FX is an international brokerage company with a flawless reputation. We offer a wide range of services, technical and expert support, and various financial instruments to diversify your portfolio. GlobalTrades-FX provides brokerage services to novice and experienced traders. We provide all the necessary conditions for comfortable and successful trading, including:

  • convenient trading terminal MetaTrader 4;
  • transparent deals;
  • low market spreads;
  • absence of re-quotes;
  • one-click trading option;
  • hedging positions;
  • marketing support.

Before trading with real assets, you can train on a demo account. If you need to test several trading strategies, you can open several training accounts.

If you have any questions or face difficulties, you can contact our support team by email: [email protected].